Cisco MDS FC Port Oversubscription Details

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The NetApp Honey Badgers: A Cinderella Story

It is win or go home. No questions. You have to bring your best or you will have to wait for next year.  And of course the winner will remind you until then.My love for this game was cemented last year when I watched the friendly competition between NetApp and EMC as the favored underdog storage vendor was down by one.There was very little time left.

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Cisco Volunteer Featured

Brandon Middleton, an engineer from Cisco, taught an amazing filmmaking apprenticeship last year in California. Read all about it in this article from the Redwood City Patch!

The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Volunteering over 90,000 hours in middle schools teaching robotics, rocket science, web design, finance, and more, these modern heroes we call Citizen Teachers have gone above and beyond their call of duty.

Help your favorite nonprofit get a software donation

Today we’re announcing updates to our nonprofit software donations program to enable more nonprofits around the world to get easier access to the technology they need, when they need it.
While we currently provide software donations to over 40...(read more)

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News Round-Up: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A British tabloid has hacked a missing girl’s phone, seven Americans are missing after a boating accident in Mexico, charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be dropped, China is building a huge network of surveillance cameras, and Joey Chestnut wins Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest once again. Meanwhile, Obama has honored the 40th anniversary of [...]

New National Partner, Cisco Systems

Citizen Schools, an innovator in education reform, is pleased to announce an exciting new national partnership with an innovator in technology – Cisco Systems. Cisco has been a steadfast supporter of Citizen Schools in California since 2009 and recently expanded its support to our regions across the country. 

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